What Exactly Is A Vapor Flavor?

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You all know what a flavor is by now, so no further explanation needed on this for now. But what is a vapor? Come on guys, surely you know this by now. Okay, you don’t have an online dictionary close to you at this time, so let’s just help each other out for a couple of minutes. The vapor is essentially a different kind of smoke that will be emitted once exhaled. Smokers, for instance, will always be exhaling a vapor while smoking.

Unless, of course, they happen to have lungs of steel and intentionally keep all the smoke closed in. Otherwise, it’s not humanly possible to do this. It’s not even possible to keep the smoke in from your far healthier vapor juice in, if that makes any sense to you. No, don’t look this up in the dictionary, it’s simply not there. While it makes no sense to others, the sentiment raised here makes a great deal of sense to smokers around the world.

Many folks around the world are giving it all up and heading to the net to purchase their first batch of vapor flavors for sale, come what may. They have also acquired their necessary vaping devices or e-cigarette holders. While cigarettes burn out quickly and the filters left behind cause a great deal of damage to the environment, these e-cigarette holders are sustainable devices. Provided users take good care of them, these devices can last for years.

It can be likened to a granddad’s old pipe still going strong years after the old feller had kicked the bucket. Perhaps if vaping juice had been around for him then, maybe he would have lived quite a few years longer. One popular vapor flavor is that of the cherry pipe flavor.