Design Fun and Functional Kid Rooms


Depending on the age of your children, decorating their rooms could be a challenge. It is much easier when you combine age appropriate and interesting décor. These projects can actually be a lot of fun once you get started. The experts at kids furniture Chicago can assist you with designing a room that is both functional and visually appealing.

Furnishings in these rooms must accommodate the current age of kids but also be flexible enough for growth. This is especially important when designing spaces for tweens and teens. The size and shape of a bedroom could impact this process. Custom bedding and other furniture can be found to decorate virtually any kid room space.

Intrigue with Animated Characters

Young children simply love seeing their favorite animated characters in their rooms. This can be done through appliques or stickers, which are available in life size options. These characters may be inspiration for furniture purchases. Colorful pillow, bedding products, curtains and area rugs are examples here. Working with furniture specialists will help you to achieve these themes.

Add Comfortable Furniture

Teenagers of different ages see their bedrooms as a sort of refuge. This means finding comfortable furniture for lounging. Loveseats can add a lot to these spaces, especially for larger rooms. Desks, benches and various other items can complete this area. It is important to showcase décor that is both meaningful and functional. Trendy styles and furnishings can be useful to these projects.

The age and interest of your kids should be factored into these projects. Parents embarking on multiple room projects need to consider this. Collaborating with your kids can be extremely helpful. A well thought out plan could allow you several years in between decorating projects. Colorful walls, flooring and wall décor are nice choices. Residents in Chicago can consult with furniture experts for assistance.